iQur is at the forefront of vaccine research and development, using tandem core technology to create novel vaccines, currently being developed for influenza, malaria, human cytomegalovirus, dengue fever and hepatitis C.

At iQur we are designing vaccines to provide protection against major global health challenges. We are targeting several different viruses using our patented proprietary technology and hope to bring benefit to people around the world by protecting them against a range of major pathogens.

We have shown that our scaffold technology can be used to create vaccines that can be used to boost immune responses to the same antigen repeatedly. The same vaccine scaffold can be adapted to carry new antigens, stimulating fresh immune responses to different antigens without inducing blocking antibodies. This differentiates it from other vaccine technologies such as adenoviral vectors.

Founded at the University of Southampton, now linked to University College London, iQur is a London-based biotech with a staff of eight.




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