ELF Testing

iQur has developed a class-leading non-invasive liver fibrosis test, the Siemens Healthineers Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) Test (co-invented by iQur Founder, William Rosenberg).


Our diagnostics division provides ELF testing to service users in industry through our laboratory. Existing users of ELF testing can contact Raakesh Modi for more information, including results, and new enquiries about ELF testing.

In collaboration with academia, industry and the NHS, iQur has taken discoveries made by investigators working in universities across Europe in studies led by Professor Rosenberg, working with Siemens Healthineers to validate and gain regulatory approval for the ELF test.

Subsequently iQur has provided a platform for investigators at UCL Institute for Liver and Digestive Health to collaborate with researchers across the world, conducting studies that have explored and validated the use of the ELF test as one of the most accurate and reliable tests for liver fibrosis. This collaboration has spawned over 300 publications and presentations and has led to widespread use of the test for the benefit of patients and their doctors globally.

iQur continues to work in partnership with investigators seeking to use the ELF test in their research, with companies using the ELF test as a surrogate marker of liver fibrosis in drug discovery and providing diagnostic services direct to clinicians and patients.

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