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Designing vaccines against major global health challenges

Using tandem core technology we are creating novel vaccines for influenza virus, dengue fever, Burkholderia and hepatitis C.


At iQur we are designing vaccines to provide protection against major global health challenges. Using our patented platform technology we are targeting several viruses and hope to bring benefit to people around the world by protecting them against a range of major pathogens.

We have shown that our Virus-like particle (VLP) scaffold technology can be adapted to carry multiple new antigens, stimulating fresh protective immune responses each time. Vaccination with VLPs mimics viral infection to stimulate mixed antibody and cellular immune responses without the risks inherent in using killed, attenuated or modified viruses. Our VLP platform technology can be used to create vaccines and can also be used to create novel monoclonal antibodies.

iQur is a London-based biotech with strong links to University College London.

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